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  • I am Warrior!

    A big thank you to all the children and parents who have been bringing in brilliant homework! We have had some fantastic Roman shields, gladiator armour, spears and even a Roman cake. As well as much, much more. The class love hearing about what the children have been doing at home. The children have also enjoyed figuring out our roman numeral sums and the wonderful word searches that have been made. Have a look at some of our scary warriors!

  • Celtic spies

    Diamond class are enjoying learning all about the Romans. We have been to battle, visited the Colosseum and escaped from Pompeii. The children loved being Celtic spies and invading a Roman town. They learnt all about the lay out of a Roman town and discovered the main areas of a Roman town, such as the forum and basilica. They found it very difficult to climb over the large Roman walls. The children have been learning about what the Roman did for us and how many of our products (that we use regularly) were bought over by the Romans. The children are very glad that we do not have to use Roman Bath houses. We are all looking forward to our Roman trip next week!

  • Light and Shadows

    In science this term we have been looking at ‘Light’. We went outside to experiment with shadows and how we could change them.

  • Romans V Celts

    Diamond class travelled back to 55 B.C. when the Romans invaded Britain. We found ourselves in the middle of a Celtic V Romans battle. The Celtics had very little protection but knew the land very well! The Romans were much more sophisticated with their shields and armour. The battle was very intense and both sides lost good soldiers! We are looking forward to learning more about our Roman topic.

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