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Wed 21 October 2015

End of Term 1.


Tue 03 November 2015

Term 2 starts.


Fri 18 December 2015

End of Term 2.



Stroud Valley Community School is a place where children are able to grow and develop in a safe, respectful environment.

Head - Debbie Sleep

During your child’s time with us, we will foster the range of academic and social skills, enabling them to thrive and lead successful lives.

We believe in giving every child, no matter what their background, a solid start to their learning journey and the encouragement they need to succeed.

Head – Debbie Sleep

Extended Writing Friday 30th January 2015
This week the children will watch a video – please click on the link Whistleless
Whistleless has no whistle. All his friends and family have one – he sets off on an adventure to find his.
The children will be asked to retell the story, describe the different ‘whistlers’ that he meets and to describe the world that he inhabits.

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