Our curriculum is delivered through a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning opportunities, focussed on making creative and flexible links. 

Open ended engaging experiences are planned for our children, embracing expertise and enthusiasm from our families, community and beyond to enable children to learn in a purposeful and enriching way.

We teach our children the ‘skills’ of learning; enabling them to understand how successful learners learn.  We promote problem solving creativity and communication which enables children to reflect on and evaluate their learning.  

We embrace the value of outside learning and maximise our opportunities wherever we can to excite promote and sustain children’s interest e.g. forest school, welcome parents and carers to contribute to specialist learning and developing partnerships with external partners and providers.

Our broad and balanced curriculum encourages and inspires a deeper understanding of the world around us. It also develops self - esteem and confidence in our abilities to reflect and think mindfully about learning and how successful learners learn and take responsibility to shape their future lives as valued citizens.

Through keeping children at the heart of everything we do, we strive to offer diverse and creative opportunities to unlock the potential of each and every child.

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