English at Stroud Valley Primary School

Learning to speak, listen, read, spell and write are the foundations of our curriculum and are modelled and taught systematically and incidentally (making purposeful links to support the long term memory) throughout the school day. 

Reading at Stroud Valley is:

At Stroud Valley, children are at the heart of everything we do and we want to broaden their experiences not only first-hand but through well written literature. Each class, or year group team, have a pool of whole class texts that aim to enrich the children’s lives.  They take them on journeys across seas, oceans, high up mountains and into fantasy worlds where their imaginations can be free and wild.

At Stroud Valley we aim to create writers, who draw on experiences and skills to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas in a range of contexts and purposes and for a range of audiences, whilst using accurate spelling, grammar and clear handwriting.

Children will then apply these skills as well as the imagination gained from reading, to plan, compose and edit, which will in turn, allow children to work collaboratively with their peers as well as taking responsibility for their own learning.

Through the use of high- quality texts as a foundation and stimulus from which to build from, we aim to develop children into confident, creative writers. We passionately believe that developing secure and accomplished writers raises attainment across the curriculum and beyond. By the end of their journey, our intent is that our children have acquired a solid understanding of grammar, built a bank of rich vocabulary and have the confidence to experiment with language, depending on audience and purpose. We encourage our children to be reflective, take pride in their presentation and to perfect their planning and editing skills. Carefully selected relevant, engaging literature inspires our children to produce purposeful writing outcomes that develop both composition and transcription.

Alongside composition, children will be taught: spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting skills both discreetly and within units of work.

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