ptfa-logo.jpegWelcome to the PTFA!

The Parent, Teacher & Friend’s Association (PTFA) is an independent charity, run by volunteers, to raise money for Stroud Valley Community School. With your support, we raise thousands of pounds every year for class activities, new school equipment and other extras at the school. We also run events and activities to strengthen connections between parents, families and the school. 

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Find a list of class reps below: these are parents who have agreed to help organise some class PTFA events and help keep class parents updated on events and activities.

Check with your class rep to find out if there is an informal WhatsApp or other messaging group for parents communication in your children’s classes. 

Note: joining WhatsApp groups will usually make your phone number accessible to all other group members. Talk to your Class Rep if this is a problem. 

Check the weekly school newsletter for updates about PTFA fundraising events and activities.

We include updates every week.

Do you have an idea for fundraising? However big or small your idea, get in touch with us via [email protected]

You can also share your feedback through our online Parent Survey. 

Regular fundraisers

100 Club

Join our monthly draw, and support the school. 

We are excited to be able to invite you all to join the Stroud Valley school 100 club. This is a great opportunity to raise money for our school and have a chance at winning some extra cash for your family. All you have to do is choose a number from 1 to 100. We will be running it for 11 months of the year (£2 per month — excluding August) for an upfront cost of £22 per number.

Miss Sleep will announce the winning number in assembly on the first Tuesday of every month — the number will be chosen by a randomiser to ensure complete fairness. The prize money will then be split 50:50 between the school and the person with the winning number!

For example, if there are 100 participants the winning participant will get £100 and the PTFA £100!

If you would like to request a number please email the PTFA at: [email protected]

Numbers will be given on a first come first served basis and only once the £22 payment has been received.

You can join mid year by making a payment of £2 for each of for the remaining months until August. 

Payment can be done via the Stroud Valley PTFA PayPal or via BACs:

Stroud Valley School PTA | Sort code: 309829 | Account number: 01139508 (Please reference your name)

Class Cake Sales

Regular cake sales take place to raise money for each class fund. 

Look out for details of the cake sales in 2023/24!

Clothing collections

We run a regular collection for old clothes, which are recycled, and raise funds for the school. Look out for upcoming collections. 


We run regular raffles with some great prizes. Look out for raffle tickets in book bags, and return them in an envelope by the deadline to enter.


School Uniform Shop

As an alternative to Batemans in town, the PTFA have set up an online ordering system for all new school uniform with 'My Clothing' all of which is sold at very competitive prices. A leaflet explaining the service can  e picked up from the school office. As an incentive, the school also recieves a 5% cash donation towards PTFA funds from every item sold. Please visit: for more information and to order.

We also have a large selection of 2nd hand uniform available to buy at minimal cost. You can find the PTFA second hand school uniform shop online here. Order and pay directly via our PTFA shop (via PayPal) and when you receive email confirmation, collect your items from the school office.


September Sizzle

Our big event to bring the school together, with BBQ, bouncy castle, games, stalls and more. 

The Team

Class reps

We have a lovely team of class reps, who play a vital role in forming a direct link between parents and the school / PTFA. Class reps help to organise regular class cake sales, and help build connections between school and parents. 

New class reps will be confirmed at the start of each school year. Class reps for 2023/24 are listed below:

sarah_c.jpegbex.jpeg sarah_g.jpeg samina_g.jpeg  
Sunshine - Sarah C & Bex Rainbow - Sarah G Amethyst - Samina G Amber - Jemma C
amy_j.jpeg samina_g.jpeg natalie_w.jpeg marcus.jpeg
Diamond - Amy J Ruby - Samina G Quartz - Natalie W & Teresa C Aventurine - Marcus
Emerald - Helen B       

PTFA Committee

Our PTFA Commitee Team are:

fiona-vh.jpeg samina_g.jpeg sarah_g.jpeg
Chair - Fiona Vandenbergh-Harwood Secretary - Samina Goodman Treasurer - Sarah Gabb


Fundraising News

Current target

We are currently raising funds for a climbing wall for the school.


What the money we've raised has been spent on 

Over recent years money raised by the PTFA has funded a bouncy castle for school events; gazeebos to provide shade and shelter; playground benches; the quiet area shed; ICT suite seating; a History Mural that runs along the upper corridor; school trips; books and resources; and £200 per class to spend on whatever they choose.

bouncy-castle.jpeg benches.jpegshelters.jpeg

ict-suit-2-w640h480.jpg history-mural-4-w640h480.jpg