Here are some websites that will support your child's learning in a fun way.
BBC Education
ICT Games
CrickWeb Resources
Woodlands-Junior Games and Activities

Phonics - your child will tell you what phase they are in so they can play the appropriate phase games on one of these websites: or 

On line safety information for parents and children  and

A good website for reading and phonics is which has downloadable e-books which are free.

Spelling ideas for Year One

RAINBOW First write each word in pencil.  Then trace over each word three times.  Each time you trace, you must use a DIFFERENT colour crayon. Trace neatly and you will see a rainbow!
SILLY SENTENCES Write silly sentences using a spelling word in each sentence.  Please underline your spelling words!  Write neatly! Example:  My dog wears a blue and purple dress when he takes a bath
HIDDEN WORDS Draw and color a picture.  Hide your spelling words inside your picture. Show your picture to someone and see if they can find your hidden words!
BACKWARDS WORDS Write your spelling words forwards and then backwards.  Write neatly! Example:      where      erehw
PYRAMID WRITING “Pyramid write” your spelling words.  You must write neatly!
CREATE AN ACTIVITY Can you think of a really fun way to practice your spelling words? Then go for it! Be sure to explain your activity so that I can share it with the class!
ABC ORDER First write your spelling words in a list.  Then write them in ABC order. For an extra bonus, write your words in reverse ABC order!
STORY, STORY Write a story using ALL of your spelling words.  Be sure to underline your spelling words in your paragraph.