Hooke Court 2023

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

Class: Year 4/5: Quartz Year: 2023 - 2024

WOW! What an amazing time we all had at Hooke Court this year. The children were fantastic and made it very easy for us adults so thank you children!

The children took part in a range of wonderful activities including: bridging the moat, night search and rescue, tribal kingdom day, shell craft and rocket building! 

As always, the first night resulted in many excited children taking a while to get off to sleep but come night two they were all ready for their beds after the evening activity.

We all enjoyed some delicious food for breakfast, lunch and tea!

I am sure you will agree from looking at the photos and videos that the children (and adults) had a truly memorable experience away and one that they will hopefully remember and cherish for a long time!