Science Week - Year 5's Forces

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 5/6: Aventurine Year: 2023 - 2024

Last week saw all the children in year 5 come together for the morning in Aventurine Class, where we investigated the science topic of forces. By looking for patterns and fair testing the children were able to identify the effects of Gravity and explain how air resistance changes the rate at which objects travel. Lots of fun and creativity was had in trying to make the most streamlined paper plane. The children loved the jelly experiment where they saw how adding oil reduced friction, which meant that they couldn't hold the jelly cubes in their chopsticks!!!  Afterthis they did a fair test to investigate water resistance, by seeing which shape of plasticine travelled through water the best. The final day was spent exploring pulleys, levers and gears, which they learnt are amazing mechanisms that allow smaller forces to have fa greater effect.